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Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48 Commercial

Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48 Commercial

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Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48 Commercial

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A is a fast charger that can handle any electric vehicle on the market. With OCPP management solutions can be integrated for various industry types. In addition, with onboard intelligence, you can schedule charging, control rates, restrict access and more. 

With Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A, your users can quickly charge their electric car in no time at all.

Manage Your Charger From Anywhere

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A is a smart charger that can be managed from anywhere. With the smart app, you can set charging schedules, check your energy usage, and even unlock/lock your car.

Powerful And Compact Design

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A is a powerful and compact charger that can easily be installed. With its small footprint, this charger won't take up much space, making it an excellent choice for many projects. Plus, you'll be able to adjust the capacity from 6a to 48a, allowing you to get the maximum charge for your EV in a minimum amount of time.

Works With All-Electric Vehicles

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A is universally compatible with all-electric vehicles, so you can charge any car on the market today. This means that regardless of what type of EV you have, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus will be able to charge it. So if you're looking for a charger that's compatible with all cars, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A is a perfect choice.

Reliable And Safe Charger

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus 48A is a reliable and safe charger. It's Nema Type 4 rated for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can be confident that your charger will work in any environment. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can ensure that your investment is protected.

  • Compact design, powerful performance 240V, Level 2 charging technology in an incredibly small size. Adjustable capacity from 6A to 48A.

  • Connected and Smart Connect Pulsar Plus to your management solution of your choice.

  • Power Sharing Connect two or more Pulsar Plus chargers to the same electrical circuit to safely charge multiple EVs at one time.

  • Onboard Intelligence Pulsar Plus lets you plug in, charge, and manage your schedules even when you can’t connect to the internet.

  • Safe and Reliable UL listed for electrical safety, NEMA Type 4 rated for dust/water resistance, backed by a 3-year warranty.


Charging mode: AC Level 2
Connector type:
Type 1 (SAE J1772)
Dimensions (without cable):
Matte Black
4.4 lbs
Cable length:
Rated Current: 48A
Charging Power: 11.5kW
Power Input/Connection: Hardwired (48A)
Rated Voltage AC ±10%: 240/208V (Level 2)
Configurable Current: 6A to rated current
Electrical Safety Certification: UL 2594, UL 2231
EMC Compliance: FCC Part 15 Class B
Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 4 per UL 50E

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