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Toyo Proxes RR Tire - 295/30ZR19

Toyo Proxes RR Tire - 295/30ZR19

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Toyo Proxes RR Tire - 295/30ZR19

The Toyo Proxes RR Tire in size 295/30ZR19 is a high-performance tire designed specifically for track use. With its exceptional grip and handling capabilities, this tire is a favorite among racing enthusiasts who demand the best performance on the track.


  • High-grip tread compound: The Toyo Proxes RR Tire is equipped with a specially formulated tread compound that provides maximum traction, allowing you to maintain control even in the most challenging track conditions.
  • Optimized tread design: The tread pattern of this tire is carefully designed to enhance handling and stability, ensuring precise steering response and improved cornering performance.
  • Reinforced sidewalls: The sidewalls of the Toyo Proxes RR Tire are reinforced to provide enhanced cornering ability, allowing you to push the limits of your vehicle with confidence.
  • Dry condition performance: This tire is specifically engineered for dry track conditions, delivering optimal performance and grip when you need it the most.


  • Improved lap times and faster speeds: The advanced design and construction of the Toyo Proxes RR Tire contribute to improved lap times and increased speeds on the track, helping you achieve your best performance.
  • Enhanced control and handling: With its exceptional grip and responsive handling, this tire provides you with the confidence and control you need to tackle tight corners and challenging track conditions.
  • Increased confidence and safety: The Toyo Proxes RR Tire is designed to deliver reliable performance even at high speeds, giving you the peace of mind and safety you need while pushing the limits of your vehicle.
  • Durable construction: Built to withstand the demands of track use, this tire features a durable construction that ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for many track sessions to come.

Overall, the Toyo Proxes RR Tire in size 295/30ZR19 is the perfect choice for track enthusiasts who prioritize performance and reliability. Its advanced features and benefits make it a top-performing tire in its class, helping you take your track performance to the next level.

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