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RaceChip 2012+ Tesla Model S 60/60D/70/70D XLR Pedal Tuning Box (w/App)

RaceChip 2012+ Tesla Model S 60/60D/70/70D XLR Pedal Tuning Box (w/App)

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Vehicle Fitment

  • 2012-TESLA-S
  • 2013-TESLA-S
  • 2014-TESLA-S
  • 2015-TESLA-S
  • 2016-TESLA-S
  • 2017-TESLA-S
  • 2018-TESLA-S
  • 2019-TESLA-S
  • 2020-TESLA-S

RaceChip XLR Pedal Tuning Box for 2012+ Tesla Model S 60/60D/70/70D

Upgrade your Tesla Model S 60/60D/70/70D with the RaceChip XLR Pedal Tuning Box. This innovative tuning box optimizes the accelerator pedal signal, resulting in improved throttle response and faster acceleration. With the RaceChip XLR, you'll experience a more dynamic and responsive driving experience.

Easy Installation

The RaceChip XLR is easy to install and can be done in just a few minutes. Simply plug the tuning box into your accelerator pedal and connect it to the RaceChip app on your smartphone. The app allows you to customize the tuning box settings to your preferences.

Customizable Settings

The RaceChip app gives you complete control over the XLR tuning box. You can choose from three different tuning modes: Sport, Sport+, and Race. Each mode offers a different level of performance, allowing you to customize the tuning box to your driving style. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal to your liking.

Improved Performance

The RaceChip XLR Pedal Tuning Box improves the performance of your Tesla Model S 60/60D/70/70D. With faster acceleration and improved throttle response, you'll enjoy a more dynamic and engaging driving experience. The XLR tuning box also optimizes fuel efficiency, helping you save money on gas.

Power, dynamism and innovation are Racechip priorities, with their technological expertise combined with willingness to blaze new trails they've been able to guarantee sophisticated products and absolute customer satisfaction.


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