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Power Stop 17-23 Chevrolet Bolt EV Rear Evolution Geomet Coated Rotor

Power Stop 17-23 Chevrolet Bolt EV Rear Evolution Geomet Coated Rotor

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Upgrade Your Chevrolet Bolt EV's Braking Performance with Power Stop Evolution Coated Rotors

Looking for a reliable and high-performance replacement for your Chevrolet Bolt EV's factory rotors? Look no further than Power Stop Evolution Coated rotors. These rotors are designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for your factory equipment, making installation a breeze.

Genuine GEOMET Coating for Rust Prevention

One of the standout features of Power Stop Evolution Coated rotors is their use of Genuine GEOMET rust preventative coating. This coating is applied to the entire rotor, providing comprehensive protection against rust and corrosion. Additionally, each rotor is treated with a thin layer of Genuine GEOMET 360 coating, which further enhances its resistance to rust and corrosion without impacting braking performance.

Manufactured to Original Equipment Specifications

Power Stop Evolution Coated rotors are manufactured to the same specifications as your Chevrolet Bolt EV's original equipment. This means that you can expect the same fitment, weight, vane count, and performance as your factory rotors. However, with their advanced coating technology, Power Stop rotors offer superior protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring that they will last longer and perform better than your factory rotors.

Upgrade Your Braking Performance Today

If you're looking to upgrade your Chevrolet Bolt EV's braking performance, Power Stop Evolution Coated rotors are an excellent choice. With their advanced coating technology, OEM-level fitment, and high-performance design, these rotors will help you stop faster and more reliably than ever before. So why wait? Upgrade your braking performance today with Power Stop Evolution Coated rotors.

PowerStop has been providing a safe, problem-free performance brake upgrade since ’95 and is equally committed to eco friendly practices. PowerStop is committed to supplying customers with 100% Copper-Free Brake Pads that meet their ongoing performance requirements.


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