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JuicePedestal 32A Pro Base

JuicePedestal 32A Pro Base

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2x Pro Chargers Included

2 Pro chargers come included with the purchase of a pedestal. Please ensure you are choosing the correct amperage for your needs.

1-Year Software Included

Each unit comes with 1 year of Enterprise JuiceNet. To add additional go here

JuicePedestal 32A Pro Base

The JuicePedestal is the perfect EV charging solution for property owners, businesses, and public spaces. This smart EVSE features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect and manage up to 7 units at one time. 

With three power options and four configurations, the JuicePedestal is designed to meet your specific needs. The 20-foot cables and retractable cable management system make it easy to use, while the universal compatibility ensures that it will work with all EV types.

With the ability to leverage JuiceNet Enterprise Software to completely control your device from your phone, the JuicePedestal is the perfect charging solution for any space.

Sleek And Innovative Design

The JuicePedestal has a sleek, modern design, perfect for any business or home. With its integrated cable management system and weatherproof coating, the JuicePedestal is built to last. The LED lights show power, connectivity, and charging status, so you always know what's going on, as well as have the ability to lock your charger securely.

WiFi Connectivity

The JuicePedestal Pro Base features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect and manage up to 7 units from one location. With the easy-to-use interface, it's easy to get started and keep your charging station looking great.

Versatile Payment Options

The JuicePedestal Pro Base offers a variety of payment options, including RFID cards, tokens, and credit/debit cards through the mobile app. With the ability to accept multiple forms of payment, it's easy to get started and keep your charging station running smoothly.

Smart Charging Platform

The JuicePedestal is compatible with the JuiceBox Enterprise Edition and comes with 1 year included. You can find a variety of innovative features to help you manage your EVs, such as viewing the status of your charging system and health, offering free public charging, viewing data reports on your charging metrics, setting up charging times, dates, and custom pricing, and finding support for multiple stations through one application.

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The JuicePedestal is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring that you'll be able to use your charger for years to come. If you have any issues with your device, you can feel confident knowing that your investment is protected. Additionally you can extend the warranty up to 5 years. 

  • Flexible Payment Allow drivers to access and pay via mobile device, by scanning a QR Code, authenticating with an Enel X JuicePass RFiD Card or optional credit card terminal
  • Universal Compatibility SAE-J1772™ compliance ensures compatibility with all EVs
  • Easy Cable Management Turnkey solution with built-in cable management for plug and play deployment
  • Industrial Design Designed for durability in all-weather conditions
  • Smart Charging Platform JuiceNet smart charging platform offers a web-based portal to monitor usage and configure charging settings

Software Features JuiceNet Enterprise 
View charging station status and system health - view charging data including status, temperature, voltage, power, amperage; review summary of past events for each charger

Free public charging - offer free, unrestricted charging to the general public at designated times and days of the week


Dashboard reports and data export - view and export all charging data (on a time or per session basis) for billing and monitoring purposes. Access data via web portal, mobile portal, data export.


Time of use charging settings - control station availability by time and day of week


Load Groups - set up and manage load groups for capping and sharing electrical load for one or multiple stations

Authorized user support - configure your EVSE for usage only by permitted users via mobile app & QR code


User groups - create user groups with different access and pricing settings for differentiated charging experience X
Multi-property support - create groups of charging stations and configure settings for stations at multiple properties X
Set rates and pricing in dashboard - set different rates to configure pricing depending on charging station, user group, time and day of week X
Mobile app payments for access-controlled stations - collect payment from users directly through the JuicePass Enterprise app


Software features listed above can only be enabled when a charging station has access to WiFi. Non-connected stations will still charge EVs but will not have access to full dashboard capabilities.


Robust, Convenient
Mounting Solution
Ships fully assembled with two JuiceBox Pro chargers
Easy, quick installation: ground-mounted with 4 bolts, concrete pad recommended
Cable management: retractable weight pulley cables system
Weight & Dimensions Height: 74 in/188 cm
Width: 19.88 in/50.50 cm by 8.00 in /20.32 cm deep
Weight: 175 lbs/79.38 kg (without charging units- add 15-17 lbs/6.80-7.71 kg per JuiceBox)
Safety and certifications UL, cUL and ENERGY STAR® compliant
Warranty 3-year limited warranty, optional 2 additional years
Made in North America From domestic & imported parts

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