Turnkey EV Charger Installation

Please use this quick start guide below to help answer the installation questions.
1. Click get started
2. Enter the same email used at purchase
3. Click the secure login link emailed to you
4. Click + New Request and use the guide below 


    How far will the charger be from the electrical panel?

    Determine the length of wire (conduit) from your electrical panel to the charger. Imagine a similar line in your home as the blue conduit in the picture. This example has 59 feet of wire.

    Will the installation be for an attached garage?

    Attached garages are pretty straight forward. For everything else just say no.

    How many surface penetrations and bends for the conduit?

    Help us understand how you prefer we run the wire from your electrical panel to your charger. How many walls will the installer need to penetrate and how many bends will the wire need to make. This example has 3 bends and 2 surface penetrations.

    Will you need an electrical panel upgrade?

    Is your electrical panel capable of supporting the electric vehicle charger of your choice? Most modern panels are rated at 200 amps. Most people chose an ev charger rated at 40 or 48 amps. Can your panel support your charger? If not please select yes. This includes main panel upgrades or subpanel additions. If you have a detached garage, we most likely need a sub panel, unless your detached garage already has power. Please select yes if any of these apply. If you don't know, select "I don't know". 

    Do you want a second meter?

    Are you planning on taking advantage of utility rebates? If you are looking to utilize DTE's rebate you will need one (answer yes). For any others, make sure to read the fine print and see if a 2nd meter is required.